LiLo and her new luxury Chanel bowling bag

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  1. I really like that. I need a metallic bag. Maybe that will be it. Thanks for posting this.
  2. That one is pretty. The metallics in the Luxury Line are very nice. Thanks for the pictures (fun to see the bags being carried by celebs).
  3. very pretty! thanks for posting! she has wayyy to many awesome bags lol!
  4. What I would do for La Lohan's bag closet, it's simply massive !
  5. Man I don't LiLo, but that bag yowsa!!!
  6. is there a bag she doesn't own??
  7. ohhhh i love it.
  8. Nice! She has the best collection!
  9. You're welcome ladies!

    I agree with all the above comments! The bag is absolutely stunning and she has one heck of a collection
  10. i wonder how much that's going for....$1400?? Does anyone know?
  11. Love the bag, but..who's Lilo???
  12. Lilo is Lindsay's online nickname. Although most of the time I see her being called Hohan.

    Love the bag.

    Edited to add: HKStar- are you a Kitty fan too?
  13. WOW, LOVE this bag!
  14. I'm starting to really want a Chanel bag now. . .