Lilo and her Georgia Rule costar celebrate

  1. [​IMG]It's nothing but love for Lindsay Lohan and her Georgia Rule costar Jane Fonda and director Garry Marshall on the film's Los Angeles set recently, where the three got together to celebrate Fonda's 69th birthday
    Check out Fonda covering Lilo's chest
  2. Is Jane Fonda covering Lilo's uhm...boobs?
  3. ha ah ha.... that's what "real moms" would do :roflmfao:
  4. Seems like she needs a real mom vs a "friend". Lilo looks so sweet and innocent.
  5. i agree, she looks like a girl i see in her old days :yes:
  6. ITA, too bad her own mom, doesn't have more of a maternal touch
  7. She looks good.