Lilly Pulitzer Sale

  1. Morning ladies,

    Lilly Pulitzer is having a huge sale online. Prices are actually really nice but the sizes are dissapearing fast. The dresses are very heavily discounted.
  2. Thanks Ana! I've never ordered from Lilly Pulitzer before. How does the sizing tend to run?? Thanks again!!
  3. Last year the sale was better. I wonder if the will reduce prices in another month? I find the sizing runs small in some things. It seems to be hit and miss.
  4. ^ I believe they only have this sale online 2x a year, although they have their KOP warehouse sale a few times a year? They don't normally have a sale section on their site. The site was down for the majority of the first day due to overload. However, some people were able to get on and order in the morning. I couldn't get on the sale until 6pm and then it was STILL having issues. By the time I got home from dinner, all the murfee scarves I wanted were already sold out.

    I agree that the sizes are really hit or miss - I fit in a medium in one dress, but a large in another. That's why I only tend to get accessories or scarves at these sales online.
  5. Has anyone received their order that placed an order during the sale? I ordered something on the 22nd and it still hasn't shipped??
  6. I placed mine the first day and it is still processing. They said on their Facebook page that it is taking some orders up to 10 business days to ship. I'm thinking that with the way things have been going, I'm lucky if my order ships by Friday which would be 10th business day. I'm also not holding my breath for the extra apology gift that some people are getting and others aren't.
  7. I got one of my orders. I also got 3 cute little Lilly x-mas ornaments as a gift w/ purchase.
  8. I ordered two items on the first day of the sale, and those came within 3 days. Then I ordered a pair of flip flops on the second day, and those have not arrived, and I did not get a confirmation email. But the withdrawal is pending from my bank account.
  9. I ordered on the first day of the sale and my items all arrived today. They were shipped yesterday, but I live very near their warehouse so they came in only one day.
  10. My order arrived 2 days after purchase (I live in NYC). I got an apology gift of a long necklace with dangling horseshoe charms. I never even knew there was a website glitch! Hope everyone's stuff comes soon.
  11. My first of three orders just arrived today. I placed this first order around 6:30 pm after the site finally started working again (barely). It came with a gift of gold Derby horseshoe earrings that are super cute. I wish my ears were pierced!
  12. Thanks for posting. Good news to me, I will buy some for my sister and myself.
  13. is the sale still on ? i dont see it on the site
  14. No, I think it ended on the 25th. Sorry. :sad: