Lilly Pulitzer Fans!

  1. I didn't see a thread for Lilly Pulitzer fans, and there are for a lot of other designers, so I thought I'd start it off!!

    Is anyone going to the Warehouse Sale next month?
  2. Hi!! I did a search for a Lilly thread and came across this one!! I'm a huuuge LP fan. I'm absolutely obsessed with Lilly everything! I even ordered a LP duvet cover from Garnet Hill during their sale... haha

    Unfortunately can't make it to warehouse sale. I desperately wish I could go!!!

    What are your favorite LP pieces for the summer? I am currently lusting after the Colleen romper - so cute and casual :smile:
  3. I really like Lilly, but unfortunately a lot of her clothes don't fit me right. I love wearing her sundresses to occasions where you need to look nice and don't to be fancy. I really want the Tate skirt right now, but can't get to a store anytime soon to try it on.
  4. I can't believe there isn't a bigger Lilly following on here - I am so in love with LP, its bad. Lilly, Lululemon and Louis Vuitton - my 3 L weaknesses! I am absolutely loving the new resort white whales tail print, I just ordered the Delia dress from Bloomies yesterday.

    Saks is also having a really good sale on Lilly dresses (scored the delia floral dress for only $76) and I couldn't help myself from picking up a few!

    Also, here is a consolidated Lilly hall I posted earlier in the Spring

    I am lusting after that Colleen romper too but I just don't know if I will get enough wear out of it! I'm trying to stick to pieces I can somewhat get away with at work if I'm smart!
    Delia Whales Tale.jpg Elias Dress.jpg mariana lace.jpg Ricci Lattice.jpg Delia Floral Shift.jpg
  5. ^great lilly haul!! Love everything :smile: I never buy anything full price because it always shows up on sale on eBay or somewhere like Bloomies! I read on their facebook page that the next warehouse sale is nov30-dec1...I am definitely going to save up for it. I've decided I'll do a little shopping before school starts up again in Sept, but I'm gonna vow to not spend anything after Labor Day so I can buy stuff at the warehouse sale. I've never been and I'm dying to!
  6. Ahhh I'm so obsessed with the summer collection right now!

    Here is what I bought:
    Shoreline Tote - You Gotta Regatta

    Callahan Shorts - Sparkle Glow

    Kori - Bright Navy Hey Sailor

    And here is what I'm lusting for:
    Seraphina Dress

    Gale Tank

    Flor Dress

    Delia Dress

    I can't wait for summer to go on sale some places!!
  7. Great haul!!! I see that Delia on sale at Saks, I LOVE that print (Call me Kitty Cat), I have Callahan shorts and the delia in it!
  8. have loved Lilly for years. I remember her stores in Florida before she went brankrupt and closed them all down ages and ages ago. It was easy to buy vintage things at the thrift shops in Florida for years. Then she comes back and I am so happy. I bought many things for my bedroom from her line. I hit up her summer sale last year and bought some great things. I have also seen her dresses in TJ Max for as lov as $29.00. I think people either love her prints or hate them. Most of my friends would never ever wear her things but they didn't live in Florida where wearing color was fun. Up north it seems like black is the favorite color in clothing for my friends.
  9. I wish I lived in Florida because it would allow me to wear my Lilly more! I wore one of her sundresses today and I was sad thinking about how much less I wear them now that I've moved further north from Chicago to Minnesota. I get so many compliments on my Lilly dresses, but I've started wearing a lot more of her cardigans, sweaters, and cashmere.

  10. I live in the North (Connecticut) and I wear Lilly all the time! I think wearing color is fun and a nice change. I do think a lot of people wear black/dark colors around here though.
    The only thing is that a lot of her clothes are very summery, so I can really only wear them during the summer months, but her new fall line (saw the lookbook preview on facebook) looks really good for fall up here!!

    Here are some of the items I really liked from the fall lookbook, admittedly it looks less "Lilly," but I still love it, and there are a lot of work appropriate items in the collection!!:




  11. Up here in the midwest I never see anyone wearing Lilly Pulitzer. Ultra-baggy Land's End is the uniform, summer and winter. :p

    I love their Savana cotton shawls, although I think they've discontinued them. Wear them with sundresses, and in grocery stores that are just too cold.

    The prints and dress styles remind me of the '60s. When I lived life in skirts and dresses just like that.
  12. Just got a package in the mail from a sale, I got 2 Cleo tops (from the summer collection, in green and white) and 2 pairs of shorts, put them on immediately!!

    Here's my new outfit today! Green Cleo, and You Gotta Regatta Callahans!

  13. how does the sizing run?
  14. I've found Lilly sizing can vary quite a bit, but for the most part it runs a little big.
  15. I'm a huge fan.

    I score the cutest dresses when LP is offered on Ruelala. I have the Shayna lace dress in yellow and I get chased down by women wanting to know the designer and where I bought it EVERY time.

    I tend to purchase the solid color offerings rather than the prints though.