Lilly Owners....?

  1. How are you cleaning your bags? i believe we are limited, but wondered if anyone had used the moisturizing lotion?

    I have to say, I think I got a dud - it gets marks like nothing - wish is really unusual for Legacy leather - so odd, I think....

    Anyways, I have some marks/scratches, I would like to clean up - any ideas? oh and i noticed one of my corners is fading too - so odd, i have only carried her a hand full of times - i bet I am rough w/ her because she is so heavy....
  2. I haven't cleaned my whiskey Lily yet. I actually haven't used it enough to need to. I'm using it right now, and I just ran to the mall at lunch and it's snowing! I was worried about water spots, because my whiskey Mandy seems to be susceptible, but I don't see any now that I'm back at work.
  3. I didn't buy the first Lily I saw in the store because of black marks and scratches on the belt brass and then the second one I got had a funny white powder and dry spots.

    The Lily I have now in Whiskey I have been carrying for a little less than two weeks and I haven't had to clean it yet.