Lilly is making a MESS!!! Ideas needed..

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  1. Lilly (my youngest min pin) is the cutest thing in the world, very playful and just a comedian really. In the last month she has taken up a very annoying daily activity of taking a piece of her food, throwing it up in the air and playing with it and then goes back to her bowl, eats some more, then plays with a few more pieces..and so it the time she is done there are 15 pieces of kibble all over her eating area! She just did it a few minutes ago and I went over and told it was bad, picked up the pieces and threw them away. SHE KNEW what I was saying. What can I do to get her to stop???
  2. Try giving her less food. If she is still hungry after her meal because she was playing with her food she will learn to eat it all instead.
  3. OMG...great idea!! Thanks!! Both of the girls eat of the same is it fair for Violet?
  4. Feed them SEPERATELY....i do that with my dogs.
    trust me,if they r hungry,there will be NO food left over..hehe.My crazy Ripley never leaves a drop of food around..he is a pig!
    get them on new(seperate) feeding schedules and drop the amount of food and see what happens!GL!

  5. My dog does the exact same thing Sunshine, and has been doing it since she was a puppy! I've tried to get her to stop but she doesn't! :lol:

    She sometimes does it if her kibble is stale and she doesn't like it :rolleyes:

    Also she does not understand that she can't play with her food, since we throw cookies and milk bones for her, I think she figures she can play with her kibble too! :P

    I leave kibble out all day for her to munch on. Little dogs need that because of their metabolism. She eats wet food at night and the kibble is available all day.
  6. They are SISTAHS!!! (my girls) so I can not all of a sudden not feed them together. SO I think I will keep on keeping on!! (I have to say....It does CRACK ME UP) funny kids. Im doomed.
  7. GL with this J. Dogs can be so CRAZY about their food. Maybe just chalk it to a quirky (yet annoying habit) LOL
  8. my min pin does it too... it is annoying but so cute. he is such a sweetie pie!
  9. My dogs do that too. Just last night Kiki took a mouthful of crunchies into the foyer and then played with them and barked at them. She never did eat them.

    I just say "oh, well, kids will be kids" and pick it up.
  10. Same here! I only have one dog, but he plays with food. He likes to take mouthfulls and carry it places, then go back and pick at it for a few hours. Sometimes he bats it around. He does this w/ stuffed toys too- makes "hidden" piles and then puts them all back one by one into his toy bucket.

    But, I leave him be for the most part and if he does not eat it, just replace it in his bowl. It does not bother me really and it does remind me of a kid throwing toys around!:P
  11. ive read that it fills their "hunt for food" natural instanct, even though it looks like theyre just playing :shame: does she have a kong toy? theyre supposed to satisfy that urge too, so maybe it will keep her from doing it during feeding time
  12. My dog likes to eat on carpet, so she'll take mouthfuls of kibble or whatever treat we give her over from the tiled kitchen/dining area where her food is, to the persian carpet in the living room. Drives my mom nuts! No idea how to stop it, we also chalk it up to kids will be kids.
  13. My min pin used to do this but he stopped. I did not do anything to stop him, he just stopped on his own. His new thing is to keep all of his toys in his food bowl and sometimes even in his water bowl.
  14. HA HA Sinatra!!! Atleast she is not doing that yet, Im sure she will start some other crazy cute thing soon and the hurricane pellets of food in the air will stop soon! (though its a total PITA, it is hilarious)
  15. My dog (a Sheltie) is the same way. No matter what food she has, she likes to take a piece of it at a time into the dining room to eat it on the carpet.