Lillians Color??

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  1. Hi, CL lovers :biggrin:

    I finally found that I really want a pair of Lillians.

    So far, I got CLs kid simple 85, cest moi bootie, and madame claude in black. and I have simple 100 in bubblegum, peacock(like metallic navy), and metallic lilac. :P

    And I will get red patent yoyo, and red horatio slingback also.

    Which one should I get?
    If you were me, which one should you get?
    Red patent lillians? or Black one?

    Please help me to decide! :biggrin:
  2. You can't go wrong with either. You're about even on the red/black colors you already own so I would go with whichever you like better! I like both colors a lot but I think I'm more partial to the black patent.
  3. They are both gorgeous-so either would be a great choice.
  4. There are also a pink lillians.
  5. I love the black Lillians best....although I would be thrilled with either color!
  6. I went for the pink myself - very understated color, pale pink. They can go with a lot of different looks and colors.
  7. both are gorgeous but i prefer the black just a little bit more. i would choose the pale pink over black or red though. the pink is so sweet!
  8. I agree with those that said either.

    I have the black patent Lillians and I'm very happy with them. I probably would have tried to find a red patent pair as well but I bought rouge metallic Bianca's instead.
  9. BLACK>they are sweet like maryjanes when worn with dresses
    but can easely go rocker with all black and leather clothing!

    I love mine in black patent.
  10. They do white too ( which is what I got )

  11. Thank you so much everyone!!
    It's very hard to decide. Both looks so gorgeous.
    But you guys prefer black slightly more than red! :biggrin: I'll keep it in my mind.
  12. Aeross, I like the white too! I am partial to the ivory leather, not patent, but I'm just not much of a patent person. It's so gorgeous though! :smile:
  13. i would get the's just a yummy looking colour! :love: ..I've not seen them around in the UK :sad: