Lili XL in walnut

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  1. First of all, I am SO glad I found this site, finally, girls who care as Coach just as much as I do!
    Anyway, lets cut to the chase. A few weeks back, I was all set to order the Lily XL satchel in black, and when I went to the sales counter, the SA told me the computer was showing it also available in walnut (only 55 available in that color). There was no picture they could show me, so I paced the store for about an hour deciding what color to get. They showed me a bleecker in "walnut", and it was a deep, rich brown so I decided to go for it and order the walnut Lily.
    A few days later she arrived, and to my surprise, looked NOTHING like the deep, dark walnut I was shown in the store. Its a lot lighter, almost like a whiskey without the reddish hue. And I'm not quite sure I like it! Its nice, but not what i was expecting. Have any of you ever seen the walnut Lily?
    So what is a girl to do? Should I a) keep it because no one else will have it B) exchange it for a black XL lily when its available again in January, or C) exchange it for a medium Lily?????? Please help me girls!
  2. I would keep in and exchange for Black as soon as they can be ordered. The website says 1/17, but I would check with your SA every week. Especially if you used a 25%. Wait it out :smile:
  3. So you've seen the walnut Lily? Am I alone in thinking that it isnt the "nicest" color? Or should I just quit being so picky and keep it?
  4. For $1200, I think that you should DEFINITELY be picky and get what you like. I would wait for the black. I think it looks fabulous in black. I have seen the walnut on this forum and I agree with you that it is kind of a bland brown, if that makes sense.
  5. Bland brown... i agree. When I first saw it, I my first thought was, "OMG, the "limited edition" walnut Lily was actually just a botched batch of whiskey's!"

    And I also agree with the for $1200 it better be EXACTLY what I want. And yes, I did use a 25%. Its just gonna be so hard to wait til January! I'm also a little worried about the size of the XL... it seems a little too big, especially since i'm kind of a small girl. Maybe the black XL wont look so overwhelming on me.
  6. Hmm... maybe the medium then? Although I have to admit that I do like the look of the large better. You could try posting some modelling pics of you holding the bag and then the ladies on here will give you their honest opinions on how it looks. Good luck!
  7. I have the XL in whiskey and I as much as I love it, it was just to big for me. And I LOVE big bags (owner of Mandy, Miranda, legacy '06 satchel). It's just too unmanageable for me to use so I ended up getting the medium Lily in black and let me tell you, this is the perfect size for Lily! It's still big enough for my taste w/o being overwhelming..has plenty of room for all of my stuff and is so much easier to carry! I don't think you'd be dissapointed if you got the medium Lily. Lot's of other girls around here have purchased and I'm sure can attest to her greatness!
  8. Well, here is the deal. If you aren't sure about the size and you are SURE you want Black, think about the Med. Lily in Black. Put the Walnut on your arm to walk around for size in the house, but don't actually use it.

    I haven't used my Med. Black Lily and it doesn't really fit on my shoulder, but if you are a small girl maybe you can wear it that way.

    I posted comparison pictures earlier when I got the Medium Lily in the mail if you would like to see side-by-side comparisons.

    I haven't seen that bag in Walnut up close, but even at $900 if you aren't sure don't use it. I keep saying "use" it because I do recommend that you keep it to exchange!
  9. You know, if she hasn't done it already, ellacoach mentioned she was considering putting hers up on eBay!
  10. I just got the Walnut Lily today. I had originally ordered the Medium Lily in Black. I liked the bag a lot, but the drop on the handles wasn't long enough for it to comfortably fit on my shoulder. So, I exchanged it for the bigger Lily in Walnut. The color is similar to Whiskey, but the best way to describe it is to say that it is VERY much like the '06 Brown legacy bags (Ali, shoulder) that were only available at the department stores. I like the color, but I am worried about it scratching. Scratches don't bother me so much on my Ali, but I think they might bother me on the XL Lily since it's such an expensive/high-end bag. I might keep the tags on it and exchange it for Black when it comes out in January - I haven't decided yet.
  11. Thanks girls, its great to have people to talk to about this. None of my friends understand the obsession haha!

    I'm gonna keep thinking about it, and dont worry, she still has all her protective paper and plastic on... and I've had her for over 2 weeks now.I think I'll like it a lot more in black.