Lil'Help. is this bag still available in the store?

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  1. I do believe they should still have those actually! The one in the auction is from 2005, but I've seen someone post a picture of one just like that as a recent purchase. It may be from the classic collection, although I'm not sure.

    What you can do is call the 1-800 chanel #, or your local Chanel/department store and tell them the style number here:

    Style number: A29854Y01588
    "Sac Camera". Obviously, don't tell them the color code since you don't like beige.
  2. ya someone purchased it recently, i believe from the chanel outlet at woodbury commons? try giving them a call (but I believe they dont do phone orders)
  3. I think my SA told me last time that "UNI" means it's part of the classic ligne, which means it's always being produced regardless of season.
  4. i just wanted to thank everyone for their very useful replies. i called the 800 # and they found me one in black. and the price point is much lower than i expected. 850.00. woohoo! THANK YOU!!