lilgirlie1310's Babies!!

  1. Here's my humble, but growing, collection. LV definately has a special place in my heart :love: I've only been collecting since 2004 and only REALLY fell in love with handbags over the last year or so. I've got alot of catching up to do! I've got a few more goodies currently on the way so keep checking back! :wlae: :angel:


    This is the only non-LV bag that I just havent been able to part with :tender: :cutesy:

  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Such a pretty collection, thank you for sharing, I love how you used the charm bracelet on your speedy! I have same priscilla but in black, white looks so pretty too! :smile:
  4. Great collection, I love the way the Pastilles key chain is on your Damier bag. Beautiful dog BTW. Thanks for sharing
  5. Beautiful collection lilgirlie! Can't wait to see more goodies that are on the way!!! :graucho:
  6. yeah, you are right, those are your babies.. so hard to part with such goodies, especially that Chloe.. oh that is just real pretty..
  7. Oooh I love your three speedy musketeers.. and the pastilles, so pretty !
  8. I love your collection! :biggrin: & Your dog is adorable.
  9. Great Speedies!! And your doggie is so cute!!:yes:
  10. Oh, very nice collection! Girl you have more than me! Congrats! I bet next time ypu post your collection it is going to be bigger than you expected!
  11. Cute collection, thanks for sharing.
  12. Love the Chloe :yes:

    Ditto on the charm bracelet - makes it yours!
  13. Love everything in your collection!
  14. You have a beautiful collection!:heart: Your dog is soooo cute, too!
  15. priscilla and Damier speedy are...Gorgeous.....!!