lilash is still working!

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  1. I started using Lilash in February. Used it religiously for a couple of months. My lashes got so long I stopped. I am still on the same tube and use it about twice a week. My lashes hit my glasses without mascara! With mascara they look kind of scary sometimes so I only use a little...
  2. Wow where do you buy it from?
  3. #3 Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
    wow - a product to make your eyelashes longer? I have to have it!!!

    Edited - Cripes! HOw much! $140!! Wow!
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    Sally, you could try Rapid Lash from , I have been using it for 9 weeks and am definitely impressed with the length and thickness of my lashes. It is expensive at 40 pounds, but my tube has lasted me over 2 months and is still going strong.
  5. I see the same thing with RapidLash. They say to continue using it every other day once my lash grow to the right length, but it keeps growing even when I discontinue using it.
  6. I am surprised that Rapid Lash actually works -- I was sceptical to say the least. But it does. Lashes def. longer (not sure if any thicker or glossier, but hey....). Wish that STOPPING the hair* growing would be as easy a problem to solve

    * not eyelashes of course :smile:
  7. i use loreal lash boost serum, and it works amazing for me