Lilas key pouch?

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  1. I see the lilas (light purple) in the 4 key holder, the one with the snap. And I see the amethyste (dark purple) for the cles, or key pouch as it's called in Vernis. Anyone know if the key pouch (cles) will come in lilas? Or is that a no go since it wasn't already released?
  2. I want to know this too!
  3. No, the key pouch only comes in amethyste.
  4. So it will not in the future also come out in Lilas?

  5. I'd love the lilas comes in cles/key pouch as well, the plate on it seems to compliment every vernis colours perfectly!
  6. I simply must have something in this color. :panic: But I don't need another bag, so I'm looking at SLGs. I can't open the agenda pm page-the website freezes. Maybe it will come out as an agenda?
  7. If you do a search by color you can see all the items that come in this color. :tup:
  8. I didn't know this was possible! thank you!!!!!! :smile::smile::smile:

  9. Sure! I've been looking at all the amethyste items for days.
  10. i wish they would make a lilas key pouch! thinking about the cosmetic or zippy. such a beautiful color, especially with the gold hardware.
  11. +1
  12. I know! It drives me crazy that they are not consistent with the colors. I would buy a key pouch in every color! And the lilas is perfection IMO, but I won't buy an item that I won't use just to have the color sit in my closet. It's such a shame! They're losing out on sales. :/
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    I really wish they made an empreinte speedy in Lilas!