LILACH - Which country are you in right now? I hope you're ok!

  1. I just watched the news about the Israel/Lebanon attacks and in your avatar, you said you also partly live in Israel. I hope you're ok!
  2. I think she's in Dubai...lilach, stay safe!!
  3. Lilach, I know you are very worried right now, please hang in there and keep us posted!!
  4. I thought about you too Lilach...stay in touch.
  5. Me too. I am fascinated by your life, and I hope your family and friends continue to be well.
  6. Lilach???? *panicking again*
  7. If she is in Dubai right now, it's 306 a.m. so Lilach is hopefully dreaming about croc birkins and counting goats..:sleepy:
  8. Hope you are doing fine Lilach!
  9. Yes..hope you,family and friends are all ok! :heart:
  10. I'm sure she's going to log on soon and assure us all that she's fine :smile:
  11. She posted in the Israel at War thread in the General Discussion area about 5 hours ago. I don't think she is in Israel but she also said she couldn't get through to her parents on the phone. I pray she and they are OK and safe.
  12. Lilach, I pray for you and your family and friends...
  13. Lilach? Lilach? Please post asap....

    what a world we live in....
  14. Lilach, I hope you and your family are ok! Please check in- we are all thinking about you!
  15. Lilach: waiting to hear from you ASAP!
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