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  1. Hello girls, I was doing some investigating and it seems lilac cities are completely gone in Bal stores and Neimans... Has anyone seen one lately anywhere? I would love to purchase one that is new!!
  2. Try Barney's. They have a day online but if you call one of the stores perhaps they have a city somewhere???
  3. I think that most of the '09 LEs are sold out. I have also seen the RH Day on Barneys' website - they refer to the color as "Lilas."

    I made several calls to Barneys locations around the holidays, searching for a City - to no avail. I eventually found a new (unused) First on one of the auction sites and snapped it up immediately.

    Keep an eye out! Lilac is worth the wait. :heart:
  4. Does anyone have any pictures of a lilac city with giant covered hardware? I wonder what that combo looks like!
  5. ^^Missty has pictures in her thread about her bag collection
  6. Wonderful! Who is Misty?:smile:
  7. just do a search in the bal thread and i'm sure you'll find her :smile: i called around looking for the lilac city a month ago and only found covered cities and firsts at barneys. nothing at neiman.
  8. Thanks everyone! Hannahsophia- what made you pass on the covered lilac?
  9. I'm just not a fan of covered ghw. It just doesn't go with my personal style.
  10. i want the lilac covered hardware if anyone know where i can find one~

    i posted a thread to look for it last week too!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Lilac has been found & purchased ladies !! Somehow, I came across a giant covered lilac city during my Barneys scavenger hunt yesterday via telephone. YAY !!!!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  12. Congrats! Post pics when you can!