Lilac Twiggy - $610!!

  1. I'm trying. we'll see if my max snipe is high enough

    This will be my first b-bag btw, if I win
  2. ^^ wooohoooooo!!! go Jem!!!!:yahoo:
  3. I'm watching but I won't bid. Good luck Jem!

  4. Me too. Good luck Jem!!:nuts:
  5. I'm already bidding on this item and it would be my first bbag. But, she is a pretty bag so good luck to whoever wins!!
  6. It's beautiful, but I have enough twiggy's for now. I really want an older lilac and I know I am going to have to pay big $$ to get one in good condition. GL bidders and I hope a PF'er gets it. :yes:
  7. Good luck ladies! :P
  8. It's a good price! Hopefully the winner gets a great deal!

    Time to get snipes in and max your bids! :yahoo:
  10. Who got it? i hope it was a Pf'er. Great price!
  11. not me :sad:
  12. awww I am so sorry Jen. Next time. :crybaby:
  13. Not me either Jem!!! Hope it went to a good home. I guess it wasn't meant to be. :sad: I hope it was a pf'er.
  14. Sorry Jem and Krista :sad: . That ended higher than I thought it would. But others will come along.