Lilac SS06 City ...or wait for SS07 colours ???

  1. Hi ladies,

    I need your advices for my next bag...

    To help, here is b-bag collection :
    First : Emerauld / Cornflower
    City : Rouge Vif / Black (preorder, to have in Dec.)
    Work : Grenat / Ink (I'll have it in Nov:yahoo: )
    Day : Truffle

    So looking this, I think I miss pinkish color...or maybe lilac ???

    Should I go for a lilac city SS06 or wait for SS07 ... and maybe have a vert d'eau city ??? or another colour ??? and which one ???
    Let me know ...
  2. I would wait for the 07 colors, unless you can get a pink shade you've been wanting.
  3. I think you should wait. The leather for SS06 isn't the best... some were really thin and crackly. =)
  4. ^I agree...I have high hopes for '07!
  5. Wait... There are so many beautiful colours in the s/s 07 collection!
  6. I hope you're right ladies about the 07 leather !!
    That's why I'm waiting to have a new black city...
    I've sold the precedent from F06 to finance the BI day and the Ink Work...and since I can't have a BI day here, I was thinking about a SS06 lilac...

    If only there was a pinkish colour in the SS07 ....
  7. fromparis, I agree with you. I was a bit sad when I saw no pink in the Spring 07 lineup. I am a pink girl and where alot of it. I could never have too much pink. Did just get my Rose Pink City last week though. Brand new and its perfect. Havent used it yet, but I keep looking at it!...thinking of a Lilac Twiggy maybe, not sure if its the color for me.
  8. hi fromparis, i am confused , why cant you "have a BI day here" ?:shrugs:
  9. The BI Day bags are turning out to be very scarce in Paris. I am going there in a few weeks and I wanted to buy one when I got there too. Apparently the stores only got a few and they are all gone. I am hoping the Purse Fairy will bring more so fromparis and I can both get one.
  10. Ohh 'P' . . . I don't like the '06 Lilac leather (MO) ... I would suggest to wait for the '07 colors (especially the vert d'eau maybe) ... or what about a Bubblegum-pink from '05, the leathers from '05 and earlyier are much better ?! I'm so sorry that you don't get a BI day :sad: !!
    Good luck sweetie :flowers: :love:
  11. Hi Chaussure,
    Roo answered you ...Bal Paris (the only store here who ordered the BI in day size) received only 3...
    When I called just 1 left but with a scrath on the front...
    I'll to call them back in a couple of weeks...but the SA wasn't really optimist about a new shippment...
  12. I would wait for ss07 colors and leather. I was in both Bal paris and primtemps a few days ago, and even though they still had some ss06 in pretty colors I couldn't take a decision because of the stiff cracky leather. I decided to wait for next season's colors since the bags I bought this fall have much better leather.
  13. hi fromparis!!!
    I would say, if possible, get a lilac off ebay and then treat it like crazy- i treated mine with a leather conditioner several times and now the leather is so smooshy you wouldn't believe! plus i think that with the conditioning the color has warmed up a bit. with the money you'll have saved from ebay, you can also get a 07 color!!!
  14. I just bought a lilac twiggy and if you get one with good leather, the color is gorgeous. Most of the ones I've seen are too crackly and the lilac isn't dominant. Since there isn't a pinkish color coming up in Spring 07, if you are completely craving a pinkish color, I would say "go for it". If it's more of a whim, then I would definitely encourage you to wait for the 07 colors, because the newest leather is so much nicer.
  15. Hard question I really like the lilac it's a beautiful color but it's true that the leather ofter insn't that great.
    Sorry that probably didn't help much.