Lilac speedy anyone???

  1. ohhh the bag is absolutely gorgeous!
  2. sooo gorgeous. someone get it!
  3. That's beautiful, I would 699 ain't bad, but I got my mortgage ,damn priorities:crybaby:
  4. I Just Went To Check It Out.....Already Sold! Hope To A PFer!!!!!! :smile:
  5. I saw it last night! I hope PFer got it!!!:nuts:
  6. It's gotta be a pf'er! I just posted it!!! Well I hope so at least!
  7. pretty bag!
  8. oooooo that is my dream lv...too bad...congrats to whoever owns it now!!! its beautiffful!!
  9. It was was me.... I bought it :love:

    Sorry it took me a while to write and tell everyone. I had to go clean the house to work off some of the nervous energy I had after hitting the BIN button... :roflmfao:

    I had put myself on a BAN after buying 4 other bags in a 2 weeks!
    The ban did not work.... :Push:

    But I am really done, I have to be, I have spent all my purse money for the year in a few weeks... :whistle:

    I do need help with a question I have about it though..
    If you thought the seller bought it from another seller on ebay who is MPRS would that bother you? Why would the seller buy it from one seller on ebay and then sell it and for not much more than they paid for it? Any input would be appreciated! :flowers:
  10. ^Congrats! Perhaps the person did not like the bag once she received it? Or maybe she needs the money to purchase a bag she likes more? I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  12. Thanks... It'll be my very 1st LV done in Epi :tender:
    I :heart: :heart: :heart: the color!! This PF is going to get me in sooooo much trouble....;)
  13. CONGRATS lv mama az!!! I'm glad a pfer got it. Don't forget to post pics when you receive it. YAY...
  14. CONGRATS, LV_Mama_AZ!!!:yahoo: Epi Speedy is a great bag!!!:love: YAY for PFers and all the business we give those LV re-sellers on eBay!!!:graucho: