Lilac San Marco Caiman bag

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  1. Though it's not the iconic BV bag, I found it quite cute in the pre-fall catalog. Anyone has seen it IRL in the boutique? Would love to hear your opinion! TIA!

  2. have not seen this yet, but as i will be going to SCP sunday will check it out and report back!
  3. Wow! What a fabulous, gorgeous bag! I love the soft, slouchy look! I'd love to see it irl!
  4. If you see one any chance you could take some pictures?
  5. Oh that looks so soft and silky. I'd love to see it too!
  6. I haven't seen it IRL, but I love the soft and slouchy look. I also love that color too.
  7. I can't recall seeing it either, but I remember thinking how nice it looks in the catalog.
  8. I've always like the san marco leather. It's like the softest thing ever. One in lilac would be a dream....
  9. I love the look of that bag and the color. Very nice!
  10. It resembles a non-quilted Chanel bag I have ..
    (oohh I have strayed!!)
  11. I have called the UK boutiques today and obviously they haven't received it yet (but maybe next week). Normally the US stores have the new collections earlier than the European ones. doloresmia, TIA for reporting back!
  12. Love love the color! Beautiful!
  13. Love the color and the style, but would love to see it irl as I'm a bit curious how the top looks like..zipper, hw, open/closure..etc. hehe...
  14. minismurf04, though I haven't seen the bag IRL, I do believe that it has a zipper on top. I'm also curious to see the real color as I believe that it should be a bit more "lilac" than in the above picture. I have asked the UK boutique to send me pictures once they receive it.
  15. i saw it in the store today it was gorgeous...the color of the croc trim was a little darker than the rest of the bag and was such a gorgeous color...the rest of the bag looks slightly darker than the one in the above pic...closest thing to it would probably be the pics of the lilac campana...its about the size of the montaigne but the base seems wider...but that might be cuz its puffy and not woven