lilac pictures?

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  1. hi, i really want to buy a lilac bag online as they dont have them here in AUS, but not too sure what it will look like. i've only seen a couple photos on the forum and they look a bit silvery, but that could have been lighting. could anyone with any bag or wallet this colour please post some pics so i can get a feel for what it will look like in real life? thanks :biggrin:

    also - i was thinking of buying it off Macy's, how is their shipping - do items come undamaged etc?
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  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457750807.127650.jpg

    My 2 pics of my lilac tote, it does show up more silvery in pics but it is a light pastel lavender in person
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  3. My sister ordered the small Ava satchel in Lilac, the bag is a beauty, the color is very light purple, almost the same ones you see online, it is very pastel color. As for Macy's they are ok, we've ordered few times from there and the items arrives undamaged, very well packed in fact, the only downside of shopping with them, its that they take a while to ship, other than that they are reliable :smile:
  4. Lilac is a stunner. I think it looks gray-lavender. I dont have an item and have just seen it in person a couple times.

    I have had Macy's items come pretty well packed when it is an item sent from a warehouse. It's when they are down to in-store stock only that packing and quality can become sketchy. So the newer an item and less times it has been on discount, the better your chances.
  5. thanks!! so excited! i ordered the medium stud messenger even before the replies. i wanted to get the jet set tote as well but i already have one in dune....but now i just ordered a coral stud medium selma and the small studded rhea backpack (dont even know what to do with the backpack lol) cause they were on sale too! i already have 2 medium selmas. i've lost control, but they were just a bargain with the macys sale! i hope i can find the jet set tote in lilac on sale one day too!
    *fingers crossed everything comes in immaculate condition*
    sorry for the rambling am on a spending high lol
  6. You are going to LOVE it! I have the stud messenger and it's gorgeous. The silvery lilac color with all the silver hardware is really eye catching. I wasn't even that interested in lilac until I saw this bag at Macy's and I HAD to have it!
  7. Here's a picture of my lilac messenger.

    Attached Files:

  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458061291.333647.jpg

    Here's a comparison pic of pearl gray (large Selma), wisteria (medium Selma) and lilac (wallet). Although the wisteria seem a little bit darker in this pic, maybe because it's a bit gloomy here. Hope this helps!
  9. Can you tell me the name of your wallet ? Thanks
  10. My best friend got a small lilac Ava and I love it! If I needed a new bag that's what I would get. I think lilac is such a neutral!

    Hoping it will go on sale and I can get it at the end of the season [emoji120]🏼
  11. It's the Jet Set Crossbody Phone ☺️ I just the straps tucked in.

  12. Ha ha! I am also waiting for the lilac to go on clearance! It's such a lovely color.
  13. loved latest collection from michal corrs
  14. I just noticed that Macy's and MK are both carrying the studded Lilac with handles. I want this bag so badly. In the stock photos I thought it was pearl grey so didn't think to check. Now both Macy's and MK have stopped their 25% off promos. Why can't they be like other stores and extend them!!! LOL. It seems, so far, they are the only 2 stores that have this, a few stores carry the messenger version
  15. I am not normally a purple fan, but that Lilac color is gorgeous!
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