Lilac or Rust? Seems like I can't stop myself...

  1. I have had emerald and ink office bags with me. Now I saw the rust and lilac office bags and I told my DH that I must have one. I can only buy one. which one to get?Lilac or Rust??Please give me some inputs, fellow B-bag fanatics:nuts:
  2. I don't know- I am trying to decide on a color for my Bbag! I'm so torn between the emerald and the cornflower!

    I think the Rust is too much on the bigger sized bags- so I vote for Lilac
  3. Go for the emerald. I used my emerald work today. It is soooo pretty...
  4. Oh my.. I bet your ink and emerald office bags are gorgeous. As far as the rust.. I've read very differing opinions on this forum - some like it and others hate it. My SA lliked it but said that 'people would definitely notice you coming and going' because it is brighter than what the swatch shoes on ateliernaff. I passed based on that comment. The lilac sounds like a pretty springy color, but I have never seen it in person. Good luck deciding!
  5. I tend to agree with zacorey. I loved the Rust in the FIrst, but it might be a bit much in such a larger style bag. (Of course, it could be fab but have not seen it IRL). I would want to see it IRL in that size to make sure its not overwhelming, otherwise I love Rust. (didn't help much did I, sorry!)
  6. The Rust really does look like paprika- its very bright! Beautiful, but bright!
  7. Hi
    Thanks for your opinion! I think I am going to go for the Emerald! Love your Bbag by the way! I think it would go with more- although the cornflower is gorgeous too.

    I did see the rust (orangy red) in the work & courier which are big bags and I think the color is really pretty but looked better on the smaller bags- let us know what you decide!
  8. My vote is for the lilac. Its so different from your other colors.
  9. wow! that green is amazing!
    the next colour i think you should get is: Lilac! Something for summer!
  10. Since you already have two dark colors I'd say invest in the lilac.
  11. zacorey I'll say cornflower, because I have it. but i love the emerald as well.

    Chloe I'd go for the rust, the large lilac looks washed out to me. But that's me, I like bright bags ;)

    No flash vs flash
    aaabbag1.jpg aaabbag.jpg
  12. I vote for the rust. It is a good year-round color, whereas you might have some trouble pulling off lilac in the fall. And it has punch! I have been considering this color, too!
  13. mega ditto!
  14. another for rust!
  15. Rust is a gorgeous color! I would go for that one. If I was going for the older lilac (2004), then I would pick that over the rust. The SS06 lilac though leaves much to be desired whereas the rust is simply beautiful. Even in the city, I think you could easily make it work better than the lilac.