Lilac Mini from Pfer SP 400 BIN 430

  1. Thank you! Just bought that Anis Twiggy, so I want to pay off the credit card charge.
  2. what a cute bag!!
    i wonder how much it can fit... :rolleyes:
  3. is that the cutest thing you ever saw? omg, I love the color too.:heart:
  4. had one of these in the 05 teal.... omg so adorable... not good for everyday use.. but definitely a going out bag... that sad thing is, i am a loser and never every go out......
  5. Thanks for the help, tnc. The only time I carried it, I went to a dinner party. It was perfect for that! It would also be great for seeing a play, going out to dinner, a cocktail party, etc.
  6. thanks tnc~~
    wow,...i have alot more to carry with me.... i guess i can never use it as my everyday bag
  7. no prob gals... geee i hope crazybump doesn't see the pics of that auction.... she'd tear me up alive!!!
  8. i love this colour but i hardly ever use small probably won't fit all my essentials
  9. i hardly ever carry small bags either, but it's the perfect size for a little night out when you don't wanna carry alotta stuff :tender:...i adore mine & you'd be amazed at how much it can hold!!!
  10. aww too bad i just bought a baby paddy... that color is great!
  11. Hi b-girls

    I have been watching this area for a while because I'm suddenly very intrigued by b-bags :smile: I am new to the list.

    Wondering... what are the dimensions of this bag?

  12. The dimensions are 6.25 inches high by 8 inches wide, by 1.75 inches deep. The strap is 18 inches long.
  13. Thanks,

    Decent size but not enough depth, too bad. If I did a lot of night clubbing it would be great