lilac flap bag

  1. OMG- I really love this!!! Look at the leather-YUM!!!!:love: I just don't know what to do!!!!!
  2. I find it really pretty too, plus it matches your clutch ;) ! make an offer, I don't think these come up so often in lilac
  3. ^^^I know~ I've never seen one in lilac! I love lilac (purple) so much! I wish she posted a picture of it on her shoulder so I can see how it looks! I just don't want to buy it and not use it! I will think but if someone else wants it BID and take me out of my misery!
  4. Beautiful! That leather looks amazing and the color is great too! Somebody get it! It seems like a very useful bag overall; you can wear is messenger style or just over the shoulder.
  5. That's my auction, ladies! :idea: Thanks for the comments ~ it is a beautiful bag. If we weren't headed to Vegas next month, I wouldn't be selling her.......

    I'll put up a picture wearing it later ~ I'm home alone right now. :Push:
  6. ^^^OMG freetoes- I can't believe it's yours! LOL! I love it! The leather looks so AMAZING!!!!
  7. :yahoo: Small world, eh? I just want to crawl inside the bag...... It feels as good as it looks.
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    Hey Zacorey ~ and anyone else who's curious how it looks on.....

    Please pardon the outfit ~ I have not left my house today! And please excuse the one thumb nail that's painted. (I'm trying to decide on a color):roflmfao:
  9. Ms *Freetoes* - where have you been hiding this little number :lol: .

    G/L with the sale. The leather looks like it's an 11 on the 1-10 squish meter.
  10. Ms. Livethelake ~ you ask as if you're a suspecting spouse! This little thing? I've had it forEVAH. ;) I'm sure I told you.......

    Squish squish for sure.
  11. SO GORGEOUS!!! This is in my watch list! Have to decide!
  12. Can I just add that a) the shoulder strap is adjustable by several inches; and b) the bag is really, really useful and just an incredible pleasure to use.:yes: (I have Freetoes to thank for mine - I saw pics of hers and fell in love. Though mine is brown, of course...:P)
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    Are you still loving yours? :P

    Thanks for pointing that out about the strap ~ I forgot to mention that.

    I wish I could have found a flap style in brown too. I'm partial to brown ~ is yours this color?
  14. Yep, I still love it! :yes: This is mine - it looks like the same color, I think.