Lilac First starting at 0.99$ ??? No reserve.

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  1. He says there's a reserve of 499 but it isn't there, not that he needs it I suppose...
    Feedback looks good.
    Bag looks good.
    Switch and bait?
    Stolen photos?
    The real thing?
    I suppose listing a genuine for so low is safe because people will always bid high on a B-bag with photo's like this...
    I should ask the seller for a specific photo, like..."hold this in your right hand beside a can of soda for me, so I can get an idea of the size?"

    Oh eBay you give me such cheap drama.
    Thank you.
  2. maybe it smells?
  3. maybe a dog pee'd on it??? too good to be true! but looks decent..
  4. Looks authentic to me. How strange...
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :nuts: hunnie, you're hilarious!!!
  6. It's GOT to be a dude.
    He hasn't sold anything for a long time though.
  7. lol @ smells comment

    seriously, this is confusing... Even if he puts up a reserve of 499, it's a brand new bag from this season

  8. which pretty much guarantees high bidding.
    Despite the 99cent start, there's NO WAY this auction will end low, you know?
    People will pay over $500 for fake bags with no box.
    I think by just having the box in there, people who don't know fake from real are going to pounce.:lol:
  9. Hmm! this is very interesting.
    I've bookmarked it to see where this goes. The bag looks great, though.
  10. LOL you guys are funny
  11. I just saw that the seller added a comment in which she expalins that she forgot to set reserve price.
    Anyway, 499$ is still low..
  12. Are you bidding I love this bag and it's a good buy. If I win it it will be my first bbag wich i have been dreaming off. Do you guys think it's okay?
  13. Go for it! Such a great color for Spring and Summer!
  14. Oh eBay you give me such cheap drama.
    Thank you.

    That cracks me up.:amuse:
  15. It's true though. eBay is the Anjelica Huston of internet drama!

    All or nothing, I've e-mailed the owner, it's legit.
    Her buy it now is 980 +s/h.
    I hope you can get it for at least $800!!
    Good Luck!