lilac epi

  1. Hi all!

    Just trying to get some feedback on the epi line in lilac. I have 1 piece in lilac the Portefeuille Elastique Wallet and have used it only twice since I have had it. I have considered purchasing the Saint Tropez in Lilac or the Nocturne, and have also considered selling it. The problem is the color is rare now, and what has been holding me back is the thought that someday it my be very valuable. So sadly it is sitting in perfect condition, tucked in the closet. Thoughts on what I should do?
  2. if u realized...the wallet that you have...the 2nd hand prices are somewhat low...u might want to just let that go and buy what u want..
  3. Sell it.
  4. Sell it. Unfortunately, the lilac is not very popular and so, I say better now than never (or in this case, lower).
  5. i don't usually see epi lilac selling for very much on ebay... doesn't seem to hold its value as much as other LV pieces. i think it's a pretty color, though.
  6. If it's sitting in your closet and you'd rather have something else, sell it.
  7. ooooooooh lilac!
    now thats a colour in epi i would like.
    i love epi colours.
  8. i love the lilac epi, but yeah, i have noticed it doesn't go for much on ebay. all the better for me and my pocketbook! If you don't use it, sell it and get something you love and will get plenty of use out of!