Lilac Epi Speedy is sooooo nice!!

  1. very pretty, but haven't you done a lot of damage lately missy....:graucho:
  2. i know hehehe. i am just trying to kill time at work and thought i'd window shop 0:smile:
  3. I LOVE this lilac. It is like a beautiful dove grey. And I love the old (jade) green epi color. I wish they would bring them both back!
  4. buy it now price is only $680!!! is SOO pretty and what a price! i would totally get it except it's off eBay...i know people do sell authentic items but come on, a lilac epi speedy 25 going for $680? i guess it's reasonably believable but still...
  5. I have a classic RED coming soon! :graucho:

    Liliac is soo pretty too!
  6. i've bought from this lady several times and she's legit! aaaa! it has silver hardware too... h e l p ! ! ! i'm dying!!!
  7. Get it! Get it! You know you want to! :graucho:
  8. Wow! Speedy looks really nice in lilac. I love lilac color.
  9. the lilac is a really nice color! I wish I still had my lilac petit noe :crybaby:
  10. i'm having a heart attack. why did i check eBay!!!
  11. It looks great!! I just got off the phone with Elux. I was asking about epi Jasmin and the rep said she has one in lilac I was like Ohhh....2 DIE 4. If you can swing it I would def snatch this bag while you can. Maybe you can make her an offer since you bought a few bags from her already. It's worth a shot!
  12. ARGH I have been dying for a lilac speedy. and it';s a great price too!
  13. ooh good idea... sorry i have to at least ask!!! lets see what she says...
  14. That is really cute i like the color.