Lilac Day for sale!

  1. Ladies, I just saw a beautiful Lilac Day on eBay!!!If anyone is interested!
  2. Link?????
  3. wow, that was gorgeous :sad:
  4. Mmmm, she also has a Blueberry City!!!
  5. Grab it Ladies! :nuts:

    Honestly, I have never seen Lilac in Day !
  6. it looks so pretty....tempted...tempted!
  7. Oh... so pretty! Must resist! She also has a toile/floral city for sale!
  8. That is one beautiful Lilac day! Great price too!
  9. MAN!!! Again, a seller who sells world-wide but ALSO requires a confirmed paypal address which is only possible in US/UK/CN. Grrrrrr. Love that blueberry city :sad:
  10. I have bought from this seller--a lilac purse actually. She's the real deal and provides good customer service. This is a great price!
  11. so pretty!!
    is the seller really in indonesia?
  12. Oh man!!:drool:
  13. oh its beautiful!!!

    she has some lovely bags as welll

    *adds to favorite sellers......*
  14. gone! hopefully to a TPFer