Lilac Courier - It DOES Exist...And It's Mine!!!

  1. It's big, it's would be perfect if it has the smushy & squishy leather of the past but right now, I'm a happy camper :smile:

  2. I'll move this to Achtung! for you ;)
  3. Hmmmm, this is my bag, shouldn't it be in the main section where I posted it? I thought the Achtung section is for bags that are for sale on ebay and elsewhere?
  4. CRAP! LOL!

    When we decided to start the Achtung! it seemed to me that it was a place to show authentic purchases or authentic items to be purchased but it hasn't really turned into that!
    Sorry, I can't get that out of my mind! LMBO!!!
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. OMG, livethelake, nobody thought that bag existed & you found it?!?! :nuts:...congratulations, i'm sooooooooooooo happy for you :yahoo:
  7. OH MY GAWD! It's gorgy and perfect for you. OK, I MUST see you model it. Pretty please???!!!
  8. Thanks aaa :smile:

    OK Ms Vixy...your whining got to me..:roflmfao: . I'm getting ready to go out on the boat...DH is standing on the dock glaring into the house right now so I have to get moving.

    I'll try to do some acceptable pics later today....... (you know I'm cameraphobic though so don't expect great pics :smile: )
  9. LTL!!! Congrats!!!!:yahoo: I can't believe you tracked this down!!! :flowers: You know I LOVE the courier!!!:love: It's soooo GORGEOUS!!!:heart: YAY!!!!!
  10. Congrats I'm so happy for you that you found your "holy grail"!
  11. Congrats, Live! It's beautiful!:yahoo:
  12. Love love love the courier. I want that one! Congrats!
  13. Thanks everyone. This is one gorgeous bag :love:

    Zacorey - Are we courier twins yet? Can you believe I actually found a lilac courier? I have to admit that it was pure luck that I have it. I had resigned myself to the fact that B never made the courier in lilac...But while searching for a lilac work, I saw a partial picture of a lilac bag with the trademark courier strap...and with the help of my B bag partner in crime, I got her :smile:

    The leather is def not like the 05 and earlier bags but it's not like most of the 06 bags I've seen and touched (thin and crispy).

    And of course, DH was standing in the kitchen when I walked in from picking the bag up at the post office. He considers himself a B bag critic and this one got his feel of approval.:yes:

    I'll try really hard to post some more pics before the weekend is over. (hear that Ms Vixy :flowers: )
  14. oooh congrats LTL... it's a great colour. totally love it :P
  15. Ms Lake, I am patiently (NOT) waiting to see those pictures you promised...........I'll give you till midnight LOL!