Lilac colors or workbag

  1. :yes:Yes, I `m getting a lilac now....

    Any of you could advise me on the size, which is better to get the
    work or city?

    Any pics ??

    Thanks so much...;)
  2. i :heart: lilac. which season are you planning to get? the 04 or 06? i love both size, so you can't go wrong with either one. good luck!
  3. One vote for Lilac 06 Work
  4. I love Lilac City....wanna have one too!!!
  5. I have 06 Lilac City.:tup:
    IMG_2485 (2).JPG
  6. LOVE it, Nanaz!:love: Congrats!:yes:
  7. i'd go for the work!
  8. 1 more vote for City...too cute!:tender:
  9. Oh Nanaz, I love your lilac city. The leather is just gorgeous. Did you treat it with anything, or did it come that way? It is really the most beautiful lilac I have ever seen! :heart:
  10. I vote for the CITY
  11. Guess what my vote is :smile: WORK
  12. I vote for lilac city too!
  13. lilac city .. i learned the hard way!
  14. I think you should go with a Lilac city.
  15. lovelygarments - I don't like my bags treated with any thing :nogood:so i always make sure before i purchase the bag to ask the seller if the bag was treated. If the answer is yes then i pass it no matter how much i want it. I truly believe Balenciaga bags are beautiful the way they are and you shouldn't tamper with the leather (IMO). These bags in time will get the look that every one is looking for (broken in) so you just have to be patient. :tup::yes:
    My Lilac is gorgeous and the leather is untreated just the way i like it.:drool::yahoo: