Lilac Coach

  1. I am looking for something to buy my mom for her bday next month.
    I want to buy her her first coach purse. She has the signature stripe wallet in punch and lilac wristlet.
    Now i want to buy her a purse.
    I know she wants something signature and her favorite color is purple...I could also do something in khaki signature

    She also carries alot, like enough to fill a mandy.

    WDYT I should get her?

  2. oh and happy birthday!!! that is soo sweet of u, ur on here thinkin about what to get ur mom on ur birthday
  3. Thanks so much for the links!

    What can I say, My mommy vouches for me telling my hubby that she bought a bag for me when I really bought it. So I wanna do something for her. Thanks for the bday wishes!
  4. Oh my gosh! You have the best Mom ever! Good luck on your search!!
  5. If your mom likes Coach leather there are a lot of lilac leather carryalls and satchels at the outlets right now. They're beautiful!
  6. Katrynar sure did pick some nice ones. The daphne is a rare one. Lilac is one of my favorites. My youngest girl turning five on the 29th! (tomorrow)

    Have fun shopping for that great Lilac leather bag. They are pretty. And, of course Happy Birthday to both you and your mom!
  7. thanks entheos
  8. You may be able to find one at the outlet and if I remember correctly I think that you will be going very soon. Let us know what you find?