Lilac City s/s 06 still available in stores?

  1. Does anyone know if the lilac city 06 or twiggy are still available at any Balenciaga retailer or do I have to resort to taking chances on Ebay?
  2. lenabean, you should call up "Barney's" in nyc & ask for lilly :yes:...i think i saw a s/s '06 lilac city when i was there last friday :tender:
  3. Thanks so much! I'll give them a try. Did you happen to notice what the leather and shading were like on the bag?
  4. gosh, i'm sorry lenabean, i can't quite remember what the city looked like...but i do remember the lilac work they had & it was gorgeous :tender:

    p.s. there's a lilac city on e-bay too, but i don't know the seller (?)
  5. Yes, I've been watching it. It looks authentic, but no one seems to be interested in it since it has been relisted a few times. I'm really leary about spending that kind of money on ebay.
  6. yeppers, i know how you feel girl, e-bay can be a scary place :wondering
  7. Lenabean - has a lilac city for sale. She's a reputable seller ... I purchased a Chanel bag from her. I know other PF'ers have purchased from her as well.
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  8. wow, the color's gorgeous on that one, you should go for it lenabean ;)
  9. Thanks Asl_bebes! I bought the one you refered me to and it's absolutely beautiful!! My very first bbag and I LOVE it!!!:yahoo: Check out the pictures...hopefully they first attempt.
    PDRM0086.JPG PDRM0088.JPG
  10. that looks gorgeous! the colour is nice and deep... love it, congrats!
  11. oh wow, it's gorgeous lenabean! Congrats on your purchase!
  12. Yay, Lena! You scored a beautiful lilac!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats and nice job with the pictures!! :flowers:
  13. wooooooooooo-whooooooooooo, now we're '06 lilac twinsies lenabean's a picture of my lovely lilac work :heart:
    DSCF2953 REV2.jpg
  14. Ladies, your lilacs are gorgeous! The color looks so much more rich than I thought it was. Does anyone know of an 06 lilac first available anywhere??? I've had my eye on this color for a couple weeks, but I can't find one :crybaby: . Please let me know if you have seen any. Thanks in advance!
  15. hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe try calling "Barney's" in nyc, they might have some left :yes:...just make sure to ask for lilly or manny :heart:

    p.s. ya never know, the nyc b-bag store might have one too!!!