Lilac bumblebee?

  1. Hi all, I just got this bag from eBay, but noticed another one with a different colour bumblebee flight-path. Does anyone know when this bag came out and if they did have different flight-path colours?

    The one I got (with a black flight-path):

    The other one I saw (with lilac thread flight-path)

  2. oooh I can't imagine they had 2 like that. It's possible that one might be a fake, or possibly that one was like an earlier version or pre-producction version of the bag? Maybe someone on here has this bag and can comment.
    Also is one darker than the other?
  3. I'm wondering if one of them is an outlet version. I'm just not very familiar with this style

  4. Ooh I know, that was what I was thinking too, one seems darker, like a patina has developed. I hope that one is an outlet production or something, kind of worried that when two bags are different like that, mine might be the fake one :sweatdrop:
  5. Oh please please, does someone out there have a bag like that that they bought in store? Help.....
  6. Could be the flash of the camera that makes them look different- Some photo's of the same item look different colors in photo's. Great purse!
  7. i've never seen the lilac one before. but it looks totally cute and it looks real to me in the pictures. hmmm.....maybe you could take some pictures of the bag. do you have it in your posession? maybe we can help you authenticate it. is that what you're worried about?
  8. I just noticed the tag on the one does say coach factory

    I'm thinking more and more that the one is an outlet version, all of her other things look to be authentic
  9. No I don't have the bag in my possession yet, it will be coming in a week's time, will take some pics and post it then, yes, kind of worried about authenticity because of the colour difference. Hopefully it is just the coach factory-version. I really liked the design.
  10. wow! good eye.

  11. wow, you have really sharp eyes, I totally didn't even notice the tag had 'factory' on it.
  12. oh that makes sense that one is factory and one isn't. They came out with them at the same time the ladybug bags came out... however it is surprising that they both have the same # (1555)
  13. I saw that at the outlet last summer. I hope yours is real, just post pics when you get it! :okay:
  14. Hopefully its just the outlet version and yours is authentic. :hrmm:
  15. Thanks guys, will post the pics as soon as I get my hands on it!