Lilac Box on eBay

  1. I think it's very pretty!
  2. I like the color. I saw the color in person at Barney's the last time I was in NY. That was literally my first time looking at bbags and it began my interest in them. I am going to have to run around to Harvey Nicks, Selfridges, etc. to see what is kicking around London. I like pink and purple colors.
  3. that one still looks like a dead person to me :shame:
    cadavers at school ruined lilac 06 for me.
    I have however seen 2 members with Lilacs that had more purple in them and less greyish pink. Cute.
  4. Lol :lol:
  5. Thats what I have. I like mine a lot. I had a thread somewhere I think included a picture of me holding it if you want to get an idea of size and stuff.
  6. ^^^ THat would be great! What is the thread called?
  7. Didn't see the thread. Could you post the pics again? :smile:
  8. really weird! i can't find the thread either... and i even looked through my posts from back then too... I'll try to find it...
  9. I would love to see it before I BIN.
  10. I really love yours!! The one on Ebay looks more grey though. Do you think it is just the auction pics?
  11. giggles, go for it.
  12. I think its probably the pictures, the colors can be so hard to photograph correctly.

    Just thought I"d also add... the front and back of mine aren't distressed as much as it is near the zipper, so like the top part... and that sort of bothers me but i guess it is one of the downsides of the new leather. I'm hoping I can condition it and it won't look as crinkly!
  13. Is this seller on the approved list? She's had some nice bags over the past week.