Lilac boobie!

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  1. LOL I was just going to post this. I would love it but boobies are just too expenisive these days!!

    Donna I think it is calling your name.
  2. I love this color!!!!!!! But I have no use for it!
  3. where are you Donna~!
  4. Dang those things are pricey!
  5. Donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna We found your lost boobie.:roflmfao:
  6. Isn't that too expensive compared to how much boobies usually sell for?
  7. I've never seen one priced quite that high. Ouch!
  8. Thanks guys! Its waaaay too high for me even...I asked the seller if she would go lower....havent heard yet.
  9. That's high for a boobie. For that price I better pull back that zipper and find a naked guy inside ready to feed me grapes!!!:rolleyes:
  10. HAHAHA!:yahoo:
  11. for that price your almost halfway to a new bag!
  12. You damn right... :roflmfao:
  13. Omigosh fendihunter, I almost spat out my water!

    Seriously, that is insanely high for a boobie. I'd understand if it was the older, pinky-lilac, but this is the lighter one? It is cool to see a lilac boobie, though, I didn't even know that they existed.
  14. What i REALLY want is a Calcaire one if they made it in that color!