Lilac Birkin or Kelly?

  1. Hello,
    I have a small card holder in lilac and love it. Does Hermes make Birkin or Kelly in this color?
    Besides Raisin, Violette, Cyclamen, what other purple colors are there?
    I am going to try to attach a photo of my cardholder. I hope it works.
  2. Such a gorgeous color. I love it!
  3. that is such a pretty color!
  4. Thanx!!
    I don't really need a cardholder but I just love the color.
    I am daydreaming about my next purchase and am hoping that I can find a Kelly or Birkin in Lilac.
  5. Beautiful, beautiful color, Chan! LOVE IT! I'm a whimp when it comes to bright colors but NOT in accessories! I have a Lilac Vision Agenda and I'll be looking for a bright color Bern later in the year......can't wait!
  6. never seen any birkins that colour but thats not to say it cant be so'd . fab colour!:smile:
  7. Yummy cardholder.

    Violine is supposed to be also in the purple family but it's still a mystery!
  8. Hermes used to make smaller handbags in Lilac in Box Nepal only but it has been discontinued for a few years already. Too bad because it was a gorgeous color.

    As for Lilac Birkin, it does exist but is EXTREMELY rare. I was told that there is less than 10 made and they were all very, very special order. BTW, a Lilac Birkin in real life is really unique and stunning :love:
  9. Lilac birkin do exist. The reason it is extremely rare because not many customers order one in that color. Lilac birkins is one of my favorite color!! Kimora Lee Simmons had one. :love:
  10. Thanx for all the info!
    I guess I'll have to be very lucky to find one. But it won't hurt dreaming.
    I am already plotting my next year's quest (can't afford anymore this year), and am hoping for something purple.
  11. I adore the lilac color! It's so feminine and soft -- a lovely color indeed. Please order it in a birkin if you can because my sister's 35 cm chevre one is gorgeous beyond belief!!
  12. Isn't there one posted on the e-bay thread? Very close - love the color - looks like my cyclamen wallet there which I just love!
  13. :love:
    e2004may30_bluecream_10.jpg e2004may30_bluecream_11.jpg
  14. Ooooo, so pretty. Thanx for the pictures.