Lilac Balenciaga.. what do you think?

  1. Hi ladies!
    I'm thinking of getting another bbag.. city or work, can't decide..
    But I decided to get lilac.. What do you guys think??
    Does anybody have anything in lilac? do you love it??
    Thanks in advance:love:
  2. I really like the lilac city. Its such a yummy color bag. Hope you get it!
  3. lilac is gorgeous! it's a little too light for my style, but i'm tempted. I believe there is a lilac work for sale in wts for $1000... but city would be gorgeous!
  4. i think the lilac is a great colour for summer!!!

    as for the style - how much stuff do you carry??? if you carry LOTS maybe go for the work... but i find that the city just about holds everything! :smile:

    good luck! :smile:
  5. Thanks,
    I have a white city and thought I should get something darker this tme, too. But lilac is so unique IMO, but do you think I have to be careful (because it's lighter color) when I carry it??
    Hm.. thought decision..
  6. i really like the lilac city! that would make a cute summer bag.
  7. I have a lilac work and LOVE it!
    At first I thought bag may be too big, but now I actually like it's size. It kind of gives you uniqueness. :love:
  8. Love lilac! I think Style101 has one in her collection (look at the thread which documents b-bag colors)- its a beautiful color!
  9. I have a lilac box, I've been really enjoying it! I say get it!
  10. I personally like the Fall 04 lilac over the 03 or 06 lilac. Lilac is a pretty color either way. I was originally looking at it for my spring bag also. Couple things to keep in mind: get good pictures of the leather. Some of the lilacs did not distress well, in fact, it looks just outright awful, especially if you are buying from ebay. If you are buying from a boutique, make sure they have a good return/refund policy. As pretty as the color is, when the leather didn't take the dye well, it just detracts from the bag.

    That said, good luck! I think the lilac with its grey hues goes well with so many different colors! Can't wait to see your pics once you get it!
  11. Agreed! I'd kill for that 04 lilac :worried:

  12. [​IMG]

    Is Mandy carrying the lilac? I think it looks great on her. ^___^
  13. Definitely looks like it!
  14. Yeah, I think that's the 04 lilac. Isn't it yummy?
  15. Great for a Spring bag! Enjoy.