lilac Alexandra - my new leather baby

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  1. Here is one picture of my new baby! I love her! She is shiny and pretty and purple.
    The only thing is that she is flaking a bit. I called the Coach store and they said it was the nature of the bag and that it tends to happen but won't happen all over. I was thinking of changing it but it is a long drive back there and I bought the last one anyway.
    I love her too much anyway so I will deal!
    Isn't she pretty?

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  2. I love the purple....congrats.
  3. Beautiful, congrats!!
  4. Bag twins! :woohoo: You'll love her!

    Mine isn't flaking but as I've used her and she's gotten smooshier at the top, I do notice some of the spaces between the scales (near the zipper) are a bit larger than they used to be. Doesn't matter to me though, I love the color and overall look of her.

    I tend to double up the crossbody straps and wear her shoulder bag style. How do you think you'll carry her?
  5. Beautiful, I love the Alexandra bags!
  6. ooo!! pretty! love the color!
  7. flaking? UGH, I just took back my gunmetal because the color was rubbing off. I got a black croc instead. Where is your bag flaking and by that do you mean the patent is wearing off?
  8. Modeling pic.s please?
  9. Love your Alexandra
  10. This is the Alexandra I have been drooling over! Congrats on getting such a beauty!
  11. She's SO pretty - congrats!!!
  12. pretty color
  13. Gorgeous bag Mandy - I think you got one of the nicest bags in the store on Saturday. I hope you don't have to bring her back - that is one LONG way to drive.

    Hopefully it will work out - it's such a yummy bag, I never even liked Alexandra until I saw this one - now I want it!!
  14. Thanks everyone, I still have no camera but I will get mod pics asap.

    Scorp116, I definitely prefer her with the shoulder strap, but I may wear her crossbody once in a while.

    Doribelle, it's not wearing off, it's literally as if the bag has dry skin, and the edges of some of the scales are not lying flat anymore, they can be picked off if I wanted to.

    crissy11, I don't want to bring her back - she was actually the last one! :smile:
  15. Beautiful! Enjoy