Lilac 06 with BIN

  1. I love this color!!!!!! You all know that! LOL This one looks awesome!
  2. Very pretty color!! Someone used the BIN. Gone.
  3. Yikes! That was fast!!
  4. Yes she is an absolutely reputable seller.
  5. I bought it! Can't wait to get it. Lilac is the one color of B-bags that I think is the most beautiful.

    Does anyone know how long it takes for EMS shipping to the US from Hong Kong?
  6. Congrats it is a gorgeous bag! Can't wait to see pics.:yes:
  7. I have the same bag...Congratulations, you'll like it a lot!
  8. I've received bags in 6 days using EMS.
  9. Yes, she's a reputable seller. I got my RV city from her and she ships real fast.
    Congrats Lizz! That's a gorgeous colour :smile:
  10. lizz! congrats! it's really pretty colour :drool:
    make sure u post pic when it arrives :yahoo:
  11. Go LIZZ! Let us know when you get it and show pics of how pretty it is! (Marking another eBay seller as a "Favorite" thanks to all of you!:rolleyes: )
  12. I have bought two coin purses from her and she ships quickly. They take a week and a half to get here but it is coming from Hong Kong. I wonder where she gets all her bags.
  13. Americans sometimes lump mainland China and Hong Kong together. They are worlds apart. There is some serious money in Hong Kong. Ever been to their airport? wow is all I can say. I'm sure she has friends but I think she also has a consignment shop.

    Now that would a place to do some serious thrifting!