Lilac 06' on eBay

  1. Looks good to me too. The name sound familiar, I think she's one of the good sellers listed somewhere (someone please verify)
  2. I have heard she is a legit seller. I did a board search once and she came up good.
  3. i think she's legit too, but i would rather just buy from a store at that price, i bet you could find it somewhere.
  4. I am not familiar with the seller, but I'd have to see better pics of the hardware and details to be sure. Looks good, though.
  5. I wasn't posting because I wanted it. I actually would love the 04' Lilac :love: . Everyone was talking about this one in a seperate post so I thought I would let everyone know about it.
  6. leshent is very well known for selling balenciaga. always authentic without question! great seller.
  7. looks good :yes: that seller is reputable.
  8. Leshent is a great, honest seller, no problems with her merchandise.
  9. i bought manolos from him (yea it's a him) a while back. he's really nice and ships quickly!