Lilac 06 City from PFer

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  1. The leather looks really good on this one, loving the lilac! Good luck seahorseinstripes!
  2. You need this bag. It is the most gorgeous color. It's one of my very favorites and I adore mine!! :heart: It's such a true lilac. No mauve, just pure, beautiful lilac.
  3. thanks girls :p
    i'll need this bag to sell to splurge on more weekenders :yahoo:
  4. I am really tempted but I just bought my first bbag, a turquoise 05 first. The lilac is so lovely :yes:
  5. ^^^^^
    I agree! I love my Lilac City. It is such a beautiful colour. It's the one Bbag I always get compliments on, even if they don't know it's a Balenciaga Bag.

    Good luck with your sale:smile:
  6. I get lots of oohs and ahs too. People love that color. It is beautiful. Colorful, yet not in your face. She is *perfect*. LOVE that bag, definitely one of my favorites that I will never let go of. :yes:
  7. Good luck with your sale!! The lilac really is a fab colour!
  8. ^^^
    I agree once again. I would never let go of my Lilac:smile:
  9. Oh, I've been REALLY wanting a lilac.....
  10. please take this away from me then :yes:
  11. seahorse, if i could only sell my Olive Green Day right now. :sweatdrop: You know i want this right.;)
  12. nanaz... i hope ur day will sell... u'll love this bag :yes:
  13. oh my gorgeous bag!!!!
  14. ooooooo LOVE LOVE LOVE 06 lilac hope it goes well seahorse!! :heart: