lilac 04? twiggy SB 139 poor condition, but great SB

  1. This poor little bag has taken a beating!!!! It needs lots of love. I think i'll pass on this one. Great starting bid price.
  2. I love my bags a little loved, but this one is just a little too loved for me.

    Congrats to the new mommy of this twiggy!
  3. this might be a good candidate for full restoration service. I think they charge a little over $250 for full restoration. If you can get the bag for less than $500 then it is still a great deal after paying LMB. :yes:
  4. I agree. If this doesn't go too high it would be a great deal. LMB can take care of the rest. I've seen bags much worse for wear come out looking brand-spankin' new!!!
  5. It's really beaten up, poor little bag I feel so bad for it.... I am crazy?
  6. :crybaby: poor thing... i hope it can be repaired and can live a lovely PF life ;)
  7. Omgggg!!! Poor bag :crybaby:

    I'll think about it though... it's one of my favourite colours :heart: But they don't ship international... oh well :p
  8. needs extreme makeover.
  9. this will make a good before and after comparison :p
  10. If the price stays low, this bag would definitely be worth repairing. I bet it would be beautiful again.
  11. it's beat up but still anything 04 lilac is GORGEOUS in my book, i'll be watching the auction for sure!
  12. oh man, this poor lil bag really got abused!
  13. ^ i agree. i don't dare think what the owner did to her.. :crybaby:
  14. Awww poor thing :crybaby: It would be a good candidate for a full spa treatment if it goes low enough. The great leather and color are still there. she just has some bumps and bruises that need taken care of.:yes: