LILAC '04 owners need your opinion please

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  2. it looks like rose to me, but still a beauty.
  3. It looks like rose to me
  4. Here are some pics ot the lilac 04 city that Zacorey has bougth for me..I can't say enough time thank you !

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  5. Definitely rose – I have both rose and lilac and it looks exactly like my rose twiggy.

    Perhaps you can sell it to someone else on tPF? The price is less than half what I paid for my rose twiggy.
  6. I also would say it looks more like Rose ! Here's a pic of my '04 Lilac

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  7. another vote for rose.
  8. I think it's rose.:sad:
  9. Definitely rose. very lovely.
  10. Looks like Rose to me too.
  11. My vote is also rose. What wiill you do if it is rose? Do you mind or did you really prefer the Lilac?
  12. Correct me if I am wrong girls, but it looks to me like there is a very easy way to tell if an '04 is rose or lilac. From what I can tell, the laces on the handles are purple on the rose bags and pale pink on the lilac bags. It this is correct, then this is definitetly a rose. I have a rose Twiggy and I paid a lot. It has the best leather ever. It's so thick and smooshy yet light as a feather. Mine is in perfect condition so I will probably ebay this one. I paid a LOT more that that for mine.
    I will continue my search for an '03 lilac. I love the '04's too but the one I really want is the '03 City with silver. I know when I do see it I am going to have to pay dearly for it.:P
  13. This got shoved way down the board. Any lilac owners on tonight? Is this correct about the laces on the handles?:s
  14. When the lighting messes with the colors it can be tough...but the other thing I see is the fabric along the zipper is really pink for the rose and more lavender for the lilac.

    Even though it isn't the color you were searching for that is an amazing deal. Rose is a gorgeous color! Back in '04 there were lots of fabulous colors...why didn't I buy more of them? And why does Balenciaga keep repeating the same color names when they are so different!?!?
  15. I agree rock. 3 lilacs. Surely the could change the name little. Call one lavender, one lilac mist or something. Ridiculous to name 3 different lilacs the same thing. I know what you mean by the zipper, but even that can look different with flash and be hard to determine. But it looks to me like its hard to mistake the very pale laces on a lilac with the much darker laces on the rose.
    So on a lilac the laces are paler than the bag itself and on rose they are darker.
    Here are a few examples. The first 3 are lilac, the last rose.

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