Lilac we go again!!

  1. My gosh! Its a nine day auction. Good Luck to your girls!!
  2. It looks familiar... Is that you waterfalls, dear?
  3. Where is Nhelle? Isn't this the bag she wants???
  4. yep it sure is!

    3 lilac 04s in a week...
  5. OMG i want this bag!!! :cry:
  6. Wow, another one!
    Giggles was looking for one too...

    Hatikuh, good eye. I recognize that last group shot that waterfalls posted in her thread...
  7. I PM'd Nhelle! I hope she gets this! Or at least another PF lady gets this one!

    I wonder why there have been so many this week though. Very interesting!
  8. I wonder if it'll be as good as the auction that ended last night :graucho: That was a nail biter :lol:
  9. How much did that one go for? Which one went for $2700?
  10. That was the one that ended last night. Firstclass1 ended up winning it :smile:
  11. Holy Moly! Congrats Firstclass1!
  12. somehow i don't think this will go as high...last time giggles and firstclass were duking it out....we don't know if someone else wants this one that bad at this time (I would love this one but at the price, can't afford it right now...not if I want to have any fun this summer!)
  13. is it possible that people are selling these bags now before the fall colors come out because if the new leather and colors are desirable then people may not want the old colors/leather as badly? or at least may not be willing to pay as much for them?
  14. ^^^ That is a great point!