Lilac 04 and seafoam 04 arrived today!

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  1. And they are absolutely beautiful. But the seafoam is a first, and I've forgotten how small they really are (for me at least). Which makes me sad cause it is brand new with tags and how often does one of those arrive on the doorstep:crybaby:
    And the Lilac 04 is too purple for me. So I will stick with my lilac 03. The 03 is a much more washed out version of the 04 with grayish undertones making it more neutral. I have a "thing" about purple since the 80's when I wore dark purple eyeshadow and liner. Everytime I wear anything purple I see a chubby 12 year old with frizzy hair and braces :hysteric:

    Hubby has the camera at work but I will take lots of pics on the weekend to compare and contrast.
  2. OH NO!!!!!!!:crybaby: I can't believe you got 2 really amazing and rare bags and it's a no go for you!!!!!!!!!!! Post pictures anyway!!!!!!!!!!
  3. OMG do you know how many people would kill for a BNWT seafoam? What a shame, but I totally understand as I returned a BNWT Teal last week for the same reason :shame:
  4. Can't wait for pictures!!
  5. Well I'm sorry that you're not happy... I would die for a seafoam first! But if you're not happy, then I'm sure you'll find some other Bbags that satisfy your craving. Post pics though!
  6. I would love to see pics! I can't believe a BNWT seafoam still exists!
    I'm sorry you're not in love, I hate being disappointed once I built something up. You'll find more that suit you better!
  7. Yes, I couldn't believe it was nwt either which is why I jumped on it lol. BUt it seems so small compared to a city. It "looks" small on me when I'm wearing it. And I'm only 5'2. I guess I really got used to big bags. SOmetimes I think my city is too small.
  8. Ohh so sorry to hear you're unhappy with your purchases. Yes, please post pictures so we can see the differences.
  9. I think it's awesome that you are able to have the objectivity and willpower to say, "No..that's not for me". So many times we get caught up in wanting a certain colour or style just because it's rare...and then we feel guilty for thinking it might not be a perfect match. I hope it all works out in the end...I'm sure it will:yes: !
  10. Bummer that you don't like either of them !!!:sad:
    Hope you can find ones you like !:yes:
  11. Ohhh no, that's too bad, I'm sorry :sad: At least you know what you do like though, and I'm sure you will find it. I would kill for a bnwt Seafoam, and I happen to love the first best, City second, because I generally don't carry too much in my bags :smile:

  12. awww.. that's a disappointment that neither worked out for you!

    I'm still flabbergasted at how you managed to nab a BNWT seafoam first! I think I'd be hugging it for days and never letting go if I ever got one!

    I guess everyone has their own personal fave size/style of bbags. Different ones work well for different people.

    Hope you go and find replacements that you think are absolutely fabulous and love to death!
  13. at least you know you won't have a prob selling those beautiful bags that aren't quite right for you! I agree about the first being too small for me too!
  14. :shame:I'm not too worried about finding replacements, turns out they're sitting right in my closet. Turns out I'm more in love with my lilac 03 than I previously thought and I didn't think it was possible. Guess I just needed to hold the 04 in my hands and see it for myself.
    I still would love a seafoam though in a twiggy or city...I'm not fond of the vert d'eau.

    I can't wait til my hubby brings the camera home, so I can show the pics.
  15. congrats :yahoo: