lil sumthing from London !

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  1. helloooo ladies..!

    Just came back from my lil trip to Amsterdam & London. :tup: So, just thought of sharing my small souvenir i bought myself (of course it was daddy who paid heeee heee) in London. As much as i adored the SA in Amsterdam, nothing fancy caught my eye and i left the boutique in PC Hoofstrat empty-handed :cursing:
    Anyways, i found this at selfridges London instead. I was like :drool: :drool: when i first saw it and knew i had to have it.. It looks much nicer IRL, somehow the flash on my camera failed to show its real beauty... its the medium size, and i absolutely adore the glittery look! plus, its my first patent, so its :tup: :tup: for me ... hehehe

    I also wanna share what i bought around 1 1/2 mths ago. It's the melrose jumbo in ivory. I must say i love both equally the same but at the mo, its the glitter one that i :love: from the heart...


    p/s: pls excuse my messy room and try not to judge me kayy! :P

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  2. Wonderful additions! Congrats!
  3. Wow, they are both really pretty. Congrats and wear them well!!!
  4. Beautiful.
  5. nice bags, congrats!
  6. very pretty - congrats!!
  7. So pretty! I've been looking for photos of the melrose jumbo jersey and no one really talks about that particular bag very much. Did you see the grey, black colors? Where they just as pretty?
  8. Congrats- Wonderful Purchases !!
  9. Gorgeous buys ... that melrose flap is stunning! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. Stunning! Congratulations!
  11. nice buy!!! love em both

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Love the melrose glitter ivory jersey color!! AND that evening star flap! The glitter patent is so yummy!! Those bags make a great collection ;)
  13. congrats- that jumbo looks beautiful
  14. They're both lovely:tup:
  15. great pieces! do you mind sharing the price of the sparkly one?