Lil souvenir from Vegas

  1. I was lucky enough to squeeze a last minute trip to Vegas last weekend. However, my sis was feeling sick most of the time. So we didn't get to do our caffeine-high-super-insane-shopping-sprees we do when we go to Vegas together. I did check out Chanels at Bellagio, Wynn, and NM though.

    Sadly, the purses my sis wanted were only in colors she didn't like. And nothing really caught my eyes. I ended up walking out of Chanel at Wynn with the least expensive item in the whole store, excluding the perfumes.

    It's a pink scarf on sale for 40% off. I thought it was cute enough and it would make a nice stocking stuffer for my ma.

    It was disappointing to not to get anything while in Vegas but overall, I think I should be proud at the fact I was a good girl. I could have gone really insane and get something I didn't really love and regret the choice later. Besides, I'll be in Paris next week! I could shop all I want and get 12% tax refunded at the airport~:nuts: I'm praying that they would be much better stocked.:flowers: If everything goes well as planned, I would be back with lots of goodies to show you guys~
  2. Wow, what a luxury, visiting all those great places so short after each other! I'll bet we'll have a lot to drool over when you come back from Paris!! :yes: