Lil lost in lv choices-can anyone help

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  1. :confused1:hello fabulous ladies-
    i am having quite a hard time lately in choosing a new LV piece. i currently own the murakami neverful in the pm and now i want a monogram multicolore. i am more a gucci girl at heart, but i love all the colors on the bag. My issue here is i have no idea if i should go for the multicolore alma or the ursula bag, or even the speedy. i also worry b/c i see fakes all the time of the alma but i like the shape?? i think the Vernis alma is neat too... super lost looking for any input on which bags true LV lovers are choosing...can anyone help????:shrugs:
  2. Welcome to the other side of the obsession :biggrin: haha
    I'm not a real big fan of MC. i like them in small proportion.

    But I am a big big fan of vernis! I have the Vernis Alma MM in Amarante and it's really beautiful!
  3. I have the black mc speedy 30 and it is by far my fave bag EVER
  4. Get the Speedy :smile:
    It is such a wonderful bag!
    If you want something for the soulders the Greta is very nice,too :smile:
  5. The Speedy is the best MC bag, IMO.
  6. you guys are awesome thank you for the input!!!!!nice to see what true LV gals think :smile::tup::tup: i'll keep you posted, making my final decision this weekend since its payday wahoo!!!
  7. Vernis Alma MM in AMARANTE!!!! OMG!
  8. Mc alma in black
  9. Here is my Vernis Alma... I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  10. I love the mc speedy - I have it in both colors! It is my fav mc bag - I have bought and returned others. I also love the vernis alma - I fell in love with the MC first and is why I started buying LV. The alma is probably the only vernis bag I will ever actually buy!
  11. ursula!!!!! its a beautiful bag!!!!:yahoo:
  12. If you want a white MC then I would suggest the alma, big enough to hold a lot but not big enough to be overwhelming. Plus you don't see a lot of them around, of course I am biased as this my very first LV item.:P
  13. My vote goes to either the Vernis Alma MM is Amarante or the white MC speedy!!

    Good Luck deciding!
  14. Vernis Alma MM in Pomme!
  15. ursula ursula ursula!!!!!!!!!