Lil' Kim has (another) new face...

  1. [​IMG]

    Michael Jackson Lil Kim arrived at the screening for “Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton” in an Marc Jacob designed ensemble. Aside from the brightly colored suit, bag, shoes, etc. what is up with her face?? She looks like she hit up that plastic surgeon at least a dozen times since the last time we saw her.

    That is just sad really. In a few years she’ll be saying she has Vitiligo like your boy MJ.


  2. Is that really her????

    Why does she look SO different???
  3. She looks like a disaster.. and a completely different person.
  4. whoa! that does not look like her!
  5. she looks 1/2 Asian! lol wow!
  6. Lol I kinda like her outrageous fashion sense. It's rather vibrant and alive.
  7. a lot of people are saying that:lol:
  8. ya I saw on another site, I think tmz where they said she looked asian now and her new nickname should be lil kimchi. Biggie smalls is probably rolling over in his grave, right now!

    On a side note why couldnt she just wear a size bigger on the outfit, and a 1/2 size smaller on the shoes, I hate that little gap you see when peoples shoes are to big(paris hilton)
  9. SHe totally looks asian and her nose is soooo jacked up!!!
  10. I didn't recognize her! She looks ugly!
  11. She looks like she could be Kimora Lee's sister. Gross. Maybe she had that surgery that makes your eyes look asian?
  12. oh yuck!

    I like the pre-surgery version so much better!
  13. What in the Micheal Jackson hell is she doing to herself? not the chick from brooklyn.
  14. does anyone remember how she looked back in.... say 1999? She was actually a cute girl. Now? :throwup::yucky::s
  15. ^^ yes that is why I said not the chick from brooklyn.why did she do this to herself?:tdown: