li'l help pls... first time in this forum....

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  1. Hi! im totally new here in the chanel forum... im from the l.v forum... Im really planning to get this bag I once saw and never got the chance to find out what it is.... ok so its a black med flap... quilted... silver chain double strap... and the classic chanel logo for the lock... would any one be kind enuf to show me some pic of this purse Im describing??? what is it called?? I would love to hear fron all you chanel experts....
  2. Hi there! Welcome to the Chanel forum.
    You could check out the Chanel Reference Library - under classic flaps or under Black bags. There are many pics there! That's a great choice for a first Chanel!!!! happy shopping!
  3. Welcome to the Chanel subforum.:flowers: I can't wait to see pics of your new classic flap, 'cause I know once you start looking at reference pics you'll be getting one.:P
  4. Welcome to the Chanel forum. Just fyi as you are looking at pictures, the medium flap has an inner flap that takes up some of the room. The flap compartment is good to tuck papers or thin items such as a check book, but the main compartment is not that large. The e-w flap is a bit smaller, but it actually holds as much in the main compartment, so you may want to look at it also.