lil education how to spot FAKE on MSN website

  1. I saw this vid last week and I was thinking the same thing. Although it IS authentic, why would they show a crushed Popincourt?! Oh well...Thanks for sharing!
  2. I don't get when they say- if any of the LV's are cut off it's fake?

    Is that true?

    My Beverly has some that are... and it was authenticated here.
  3. No, it isn't true, on most styles of bag the LV's aren't cut off, but on some of the styles they are, for example the Beverly :biggrin:
  4. it is easy to spot a bad fake.. but a good fake can only be spotted by the trained eyes of most tpfers :graucho:
  5. Personally I think a lot of people here are more knowledgeable than the people who go and make these "How to spot a fake" videos/websites... fake cut off LVs are NOT a sure indication of a fake. In some styles, they are, but not all styles.
  6. ^Yup. :yes:
    And one I've heard a lot lately and even seen in auctions is "authentic LV's never have their handles wrapped in plastic." That's not true some cases they are, even from the store, so never say never lol.

  7. My thoughts exactly!
  8. You should make an educational video! :yes:
  9. ^Lol thanks. :flowers:
    That would be funny actually. :lol:
  10. There are sooo many knowledgable people on this forum, its amazing!! They know the ifs, and whens, and buts, and exceptions and they ROCK!! Just a kudos to them for all their help authenticating because they deserve it:tup: