Lil boy beats child at daycare

  1. OMG....i actually gasped when he kicked that girl!!! That kid is not "normal" like the aunt says. He needs to be evaluated again and get some type of intensive treatment! His family also needs to be involved as well!!!
  2. That's so awful! Like jeNYC, I literally gasped when I saw him kick that poor little girl.
  3. I was appalled that his aunt, who must be a crackhead, said the boys behavior was normal for a 9 year old!!

    Clearly, that little boy has issues and I pray for his soul for the adult he will become. Hopefully, he won't have children. I see him in jail for domesic violence or even worse, murdering a woman.

    I feel for the the father, even though he wrong for putting his hands on the child. He was truly acting out of anger for his daughter.
  4. Scary, if that boy does not get some intensive help now. Who knows what horrible things, he will grow up and do!
    He has some major anger issues...
  5. Wow! That is so scary. That boy needs help and ASAP.
  6. FFS that kid is an effin menace! If i had saw tape of him hitting my daughter like that then i would not be responsible for my actions. I do not condone violence against children whatsoever but this boy was clearly abusing girls much younger than him, he deserves a taste of his own medicine.
  7. Um, I HAVE a 9 year old boy, and this sort of behaviour is about as far from"normal" as a person can get. My son would be horrified and scarred to witness such a thing, and it would never cross his mind to harm anyone. He once brought a frog home from school that someone was scaring girls with because he was afraid they'd kill it. This child needs HELP.
  8. Has there been any follow-up to this? I felt dehumanized after watching it because I wanted to literally wring his neck.

    I know it's kind of apples and oranges (as far as age), but if a 13 YO boy can serve time for imitating a wrestling move, why can't something be done to this child?

  9. Thank you. Saw this mess last week and felt so many emotions behind this as a mother. Even more thankful now that my girls did not have to attend daycare before they could talk.
  10. That is absoluetly terrifying! And his aunt thinks that's normal?! I wonder if this is a result of his home life...perhaps violence and abuse are "normal" in his family. Whatever the reason, the child clearly needs help.
  11. JESUS!!!

    I feel sick...
  12. I tried watching the news report and had to turn it off before it got worse. (But the way he was dragging one of them . . . . )

    Why in God's name was he watching toddlers, anyway?
  13. I'm sad for the innocent child who was attacked by the father. Even though it's wrong to hit a child, in this case, I wish he would have slapped the right kid. Some kids deserve beatings (not enough to leave a mark, but enough to teach a lesson).

    This kid is going to grow up to be a violent trouble maker if he doesn't get straightened out. Incidences like these scream bad parenting.

    I am glad the little girl is okay. If he continued to shake the child, the results may have been more severe.